Digital currency 100% backed by Silver.

E-Silver® is the only digital currency in the World 100% backed by real .999 silver physically stored in high-security vaults.

E-Silver® members can cash on Cirrus® ATM´s using an E-Silver Prepaid MasterCard®, as well as buy from stores, even on internet, using funds available on E-Silver Prepaid MasterCard®

E-Silver® is Shariah compliant and obbeys Surah-Al-Baqarah 2:282, so buy with confidence because E-Silver® is Halal.

Alternately, members can buy, sell or hold physical silver allocated on E-Silver® account through our digital electronic platform, allowing both savings and a secure payment system.

Pre-Paid MasterCard

Your E-Silver Pre-Paid MasterCard® allows you to hold your fully reserved currency, providing you with instant access to your value at any point of sale or ATM machine where MasterCard® is accepted.


100% of your assets are backed by .999 Silver, in several physical allocated custodians worldwide, in London, New York, Hong Kong,  Dubai and Singapore, to avoid losses due to wars, natural catastrophes or seizure of assets by any person.


We charge a flat fee of 1.99% for purchases and 1.99% for sell fees. We do not charge a storage fee since you have at least 1000g or 1 kg of silver with us, in a location of your choice, London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai or Singapore

Customer Support

E-mail and whatsapp support, with secure tokens, working 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to better serve our members.

Contact us: customers@e-silver.net